Women Have The Perfect Intellect To Invest In Stocks!

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Women have the perfect temperament to invest in stocks. Temperament is the most important quality when investing in stocks, not necessarily a high IQ.  When investing, an example of the wrong temperament would be panicking and selling your stocks “prematurely.” Had you remained calm and ignored “temporary” downturns in the market you could have profited!  This is especially true if the fundamentals (statistics) of your individual company remain strong!  

Another example of a wrong temperament would be taking on way too much risk with your investments. One way to eliminate risk would be doing your homework on the company before purchasing its’ stock!  Another way to avoid risk would be by making sure your portfolio is diversified.  (See my article: “How To Reduce Your Risks When Investing In Stocks).”

And, fortunately, women take less risk than men with their investments! This can be rewarding!  They are “less” likely, than men, to act off of a “hot tip”, or a news media story.  Most women will perform their homework first and want a full understanding of what the business does before they invest in its’ stock.

Also, most women have the necessary intelligence and know not to speculate in the stock market.  The average woman is conservative and has an “investor’s” mindset not a speculator’s!  Speculators tend to gamble short-term in the stock market and in the process take on way too much risk! Investing in this way is costly and can easily backfire on an investor. 

Studies have shown that the average woman exercises more patience with her stocks than her male counterpart. Women are more likely to stay the course with their stock investments. Research has shown that women possess the necessary intellect to keep a long-term mindset with their investments. 

The majority of traders on Wall Street, board members of financial companies and executives at investment banks are led by men.  In other words, Wall Street, to this day, remains a boys’ club. This makes little sense when women have so many good investment traits!   

Studies show that men are five times more likely to become directors of financial institutions than women even though women hold almost half of the jobs.  Women are being underrepresented in the investing field.  Isn’t it time, ladies, to learn how to invest in stocks to grow your money and level the playing field? As I have demonstrated above, women have the perfect intellect to invest in stocks.

Many investors let their emotions rule and panic and sell their stocks when they are at their very lowest price.  This goes against the mantra:  “Buy low and sell high.”  This is doing things backward and, yet many investors do this!  Sometimes an investor in stocks can be “their own worse enemy!”

In conclusion, women naturally possess the perfect intellect to be great investors. Women have the perfect ability to invest in stocks. They possess great tendencies that allow them to make smart investment decisions.  The right judgment plays a big role in successful stock investing. Women are displaying the proper attitude when they exercise patience and hold onto their stocks. 

In addition, women are more likely, than men, to spend the necessary time performing homework on a company before purchasing its’ stock.  Moreover, women are fully aware that all investments involve some degree of risk. Women do their best to manage this risk by educating themselves beforehand and diversifying their portfolio. 

Linda Brown

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