Investing In Stocks Isn’t Only For The Wealthy!

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Individuals do not need a lot of money to get started investing in stocks!  Investing in stocks isn’t only for the wealthy!  Many people have the mistaken belief that one has to have “real” wealth built-up before investing in stocks. This couldn’t be further from the truth!  Getting started investing in stocks does not require a large “initial” cash outlay!

I started investing in stocks, years ago, with just a small amount of money: $100.00.  After extensive research on the company I took the plunge, opened an online brokerage account, and purchased my very “first” shares of stock! 

I was excited about the gains on my first stock purchase.  I had what they refer to as a “three-bagger” (my stock tripled from what I purchased it for) in several years’ time!!!  It was a great feeling and, I have been investing in stocks ever since!

After my first stock purchase, I  started setting aside the “same” fixed dollar amount each month on a “regular basis” to invest in stocks.  This is referred to as “dollar-cost averaging”.  This way you buy “more” shares when they’re inexpensive and “fewer” shares when they’re expensive.  Investing this way lowers your overall average cost.  I gradually increased my monthly contributions and built up my stock portfolio over time! 

I know of no other investment that can offer me the returns that stocks have! Financial experts say you never forget your “first” share purchase and, I certainly haven’t. 

And, now that we have the brokerage firms “Robin Hood” and Firstrade offering “free” trade commissions…there’s never been a better time to invest!  Both firms let you trade stocks, ETFs, options and mutual funds for free.  No more brokerage fees dragging our portfolio down and eating into our capital gains and dividends! 

Remember,  that we’re in the market for the long-term and fees and commissions can take a big bite out of an investor’s portfolio.  To maximize your stock returns you should take advantage of these brokerage firms. 

In conclusion, you don’t need a ton of money to get started investing!  You can open a brokerage account online today with as little as $25.00!  Not all brokerage accounts have a minimum requirement to get started.

With interest rates today at a historical “low” on cash investments there is no better time to get started investing in stocks!!!  History has proven that stocks are the best-performing asset’s long-term.  

Follow and study my investment articles and I will teach you everything I know on how to invest in stocks. With the right skill set, investing in stocks can be a very lucrative venture.

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